EDITORIAL DESIGN: Newsletter series

Create photo-collage, design layouts and image editing for a 12 page booklet. Society of Publication Designers Award winner. (Monthly newsletter series. Each issue was dedicated to a single subject. Printed in 2 colors- usually black, with one PMS color).

Art DirectionBrandingEditorial Design
Personal Style and Fashion. The Imaginary museum of historic + iconic fashion accessories. Shapely column of text refers to the idealized hourglass figure of late 1800's. Collage: Twiggy's eye makeup, Jackie O's gloves, the corset + French heels. (Printed in black, with gold metallic ink).
Money issue: How much is enough? (Printed in black, with green metallic ink).
The Work issue: (Printed in black, with red ink).
Getting real. with Real Estate. (Printed in maroon and deep green ink).
The Commitment issue: Interior spread- designed to keep the eye moving throughout all the pages. (Printed in black, with rust orange).
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